Sensy® - a sustainability stick!

Sensy is a stick that is made of a so-called Biosensor. This sensor will tell you if your food is good to eat or not by indicating within seconds one or two lines. This is done without batteries or any other sophisticated equipment at all. Sensy requires minimum user knowledge or skills. Apply Sensy to the food that you wish to test and wait for Sensy to give you the result within a minute. If it’s a positive sign, then go ahead and have a good meal. If it’s a negative sign, well then you have to throw the food away. In this case, we recommend that you follow the many good advice about how you can plan, prepare, and treat food to minimize waste.

- One blue line indication on the stick means that the food is fresh.
= Two blue lines indicate on the stick means that the food should not be eaten.

Sensy® works on raw, cooked and thawed foods.

Development in progress: BlueDot - a solution for the entire supply chain from the producer to your grocery store

BlueDot is a solution with a passive biosensor that makes it possible to indicate the freshness of the food. BlueDot enables transparency throughout the supply chain from the producer, the carrier, sales at the grocery store, and of course also to the benefit of the consumer.

You will soon find our products in a grocery store near you!

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